Korean spicy veal soup, tofu, shiitake mushrooms, kimchi cabbage, egg, green onions. Price 158 UAH + 9 UAH boxing.

Creamy broccoli cream soup with grilled shrimps. Weight 300 gr. Price 108 UAH + 9 UAH boxing.

Spicy tomato soup with minced veal, red beans and bell peppers. Weight 250 gr. Price 118 UAH + 9 UAH boxing

Cheese soup

125 uah

Thick fragrant cream soup of hard cheeses with croutons and blue cheese. Weight 250 gr. Price116 UAH + 9 UAH boxing.

Clam chowder

147 uah

The most popular American soup, made from seafood and cream, with the addition of corn and finely chopped caramelized bacon. Weight 250 gr. Price 138 UAH + 9 UAH boxing.

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