Tender coconut milk fried in batter. Traditional Thai dessert. Price 99 грн + 12 грн boxing.

Exotic Thai dessert. price 158 hryvnias + boxing 12 hryvnias.

Slices of apple fried in batter - a traditional dessert from China! The cost is 124 hryvnias + boxing 12 hryvnias.

Weight 80 gr. Price 138 грн + 9 грн boxing.


114 uah

Delicate cheesecake with Philadelphia cheese. Price 102 грн + 12 грн boxing


74 uah

Moti is a traditional Japanese rice dessert. This is a delicious light low-calorie mini-dessert that does not contain gluten. We have a separate line of vegan desserts.

Price 94 грн + 12 грн boxing

Caramelized banana with topping, served with ice cream Price 88 грн + 12 грн box

Mini Fondant

68 uah

Chocolate mini dessert, liquid inside the fondant, served with a ball of ice cream and nuts. 30g / 50g (ice cream)

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