Chinese side dishes

Bun Bao

58 uah

Chinese bun on steam

White rice

41 uah

200 gr. Price UAH 28 + UAH 9 boxing

Rice, shrimps, green onions, green peas, carrots, egg. Price 158 UAH + 9 UAH boxing

Rice, green onions, carrots, egg. Price 62 UAH + 9 UAH boxing

Dumplings with juicy spicy stuffing (pork). Quantity of 10 pieces. Price 98 UAH + 9 UAH boxing

Fried dumplings

145 uah

Fried dumplings with juicy spicy filling. Quantity of 10 pieces. Price 108 UAH + 9 UAH boxing

Wheat noodles, egg, chicken fillet, Chinese cabbage, carrots, green onions, cucumber, Chinese black mushrooms. Price 72 UAH + 9 UAH boxing

Rice noodles, chicken fillet, egg, Chinese cabbage, black Chinese mushrooms, carrots, green onions, cucumber. Price 98 UAH + 9 UAH boxing

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